Rolex Numbers in Short : How to decypher Rolex model numbers and comprehend the importance of the digits that are different. Some gold items may be worth more when sold as they are, rather than to be pumped down. To buy a new Rolex watch, please visit for a list of licensed Rolex dealers near you.

Among the problems with selling it on eBay is in the event the vendor has little or no positive comments for items that are these that buyers might shy away from a listing for an watch. It’s worth noting that you need to avoid sharing your serial number online (through descriptions or pictures) due to counterfeiters. By giving out your serial number, a replica manufacturer can create his copy and etch your number on the case.

Commissions that are upwards of 15-25 % of their price are charged by auction houses while it feels like a safe bet. Offers from more than one buyer will help you determine the market value for your product and what you can expect. There a literally hundreds of thousands of counterfeit Rolex watches in flow. Your single resource for seller upgrades, resources for success, and inspiring stories.

Finally an increasing number of people started to resell their old watches expectations and the need for box/papers increased. OR (what I’d do) is take ONLY CASH, via money order, or cashiers check. By keeping this original box and papers, all of the documents that are original – you command a higher price, and even can ease the nerves of potential buyers.

Are you on the marketplace to get a pre-owned Rolex or wish to sell Rolex for cash ? To selling to a business insider, the drawback is that you’re unlikely to get top dollar. Look at prices of eBay sales that is finished For diamond jewelry selling Rolex with similar features; check out similar diamonds in online and stores, and variable at a reduction to your pre-worn gem.

The paperwork supports credibility, helping to ease the nerves of Rolex buyers. Your serial number is unique to your Rolex, just as your social security number is unique to you. Schedule a consultation OR send your Rolex watch in to get a final price (shipping is free of charge and fully insured). Photographs will make sure that you get the quote before shipping becomes part of the equation.